Broos University

The Broos Institute has partnered with the University of the Commonwealth of the Caribbean (UCC), to launch the first branch in the Netherlands of a Caribbean university. Negotiations with a municipality in the Netherlands are ongoing to launch the campus in their city by the year 2025. An exciting development that will create a new student city in the heart of the Netherlands, attractive to students from anywhere in Europe.

Broos University will initially explore a physical presence in the Netherlands for in-person, hybrid, and online learning degree programs of study (BA, MA, and PhD), certificates, courses of multiple lengths, and master classes.

Partner for this campus is the Jamaica-based University of the Commonwealth of the Caribbean (UCC)

The programs that will be offered may include Entrepreneurship and Business Studies, Innovation and Small Business Development, Social Work, and Information Technologies for Entrepreneurs, among other themes. Other courses will be considered for delivery, including: African and African diaspora-centered studies, such as Afro European Studies, Afro Theology, Psychology of Descendants of Enslaved Africans, Inclusion and Diversity in Journalism, Dance and Music of Africa and the African diaspora.  

In effect this campus will operate much like the American Historical Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) and offer supportive environments that are rooted in the Afro-European experience.

But this is not say that the campus will not be diverse: Broos University’s campus admits students from all ethnicities and walks of life.