Broos University

Our partnerships with universities in former colonies are unique. These excellent educational institutes often rely on input from Europe which keeps their curricula Eurocentric, colonized. But what of we were to bring the expertise from these institutes to Europe?

We’re not asking …

It’s a practical solution to the call for inclusive education.

We have partnered with the Jamaica-headquartered University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC).

The programs that will be offered may include all programs that UCC offers – Entrepreneurship and Business Studies, Innovation and Small Business Development, Social Work, and Information Technologies for Entrepreneurs, among other themes.

We are also partnering with the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS) to bring fully decolonized programs in the Netherlands.

Students will be able to register for the Afro-Surinamese Development Studies course by AdeKUS by October 2023.

With both partners and others we are looking to develop other courses, such as: African and African diaspora-centered studies, such as Afro European Studies, Afro Theology, Psychology of Descendants of Enslaved Africans, Inclusion and Diversity in Journalism, Dance and Music of Africa and the African diaspora.