OZOSchool properly prepares secondary school students for tertiary education. We do this by programming workshops and educational activities in which the experience and perception of the student are paramount.

The offer is interactive and also takes place outside the classroom. Study skills, social studies and lessons in political awareness, as well as entrepreneurship, theatre, dance and music are part of the curriculum. This transition school is also a place where students can express their expressive side.

Sports masterclasses and motivational speeches by speakers that students identify with.

Our MBO marketplace is a physical comprehensive mini-MBO fair on which prospective MBO students can orient themselves, and where we help you make appropriate choices. We are happy to arrange contact moments with the various study programs for students who need it.

A reading studio in collaboration with a local bookshop, during which students are challenged to read 1 book in 1 week

A daily lottery of a bag full of school supplies.

We also like to have parents visit us to exchange ideas about our program, their role in the school success of their child, the aftermath of Covid and all kinds of pressing topics for them.

Every day we provide a delicious lunch. Focus is best on a full stomach.

OZOSchool is run by The Broos Institute, on behalf of the Amsterdam-Diemen Secondary Education Partnership.

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