Niewkomers op weg

In samenwerking met AllStar Talents en Weekend College @ROC van Amsterdam helpen wij Nieuwkomers op weg, met non-formele cursussen. Daarnaast enkele sociale activiteiten, zoals fietstochten Locatie: MBO College Amsterdam Zuidoost … Read more

Psychology of Coloured People: A Critical Note to the Dominance of Euro-American-Oriented Psychology over the Psychology of Non-Western Countries

Whether psychology is universally or regionally determined is examined in this
article. Implicitly, this question is about the general validity of statements of
psychological research, theories and practices (such as testing, therapy,
recruitment, etc.). If psychology is culturally and regionally rooted, statements
based on psychological research, theory and practice are not universally valid.
Moreover, once it is established that psychology is cultural and regional in nature,
the underlying question arises: is there a psychology of coloured and white people?